Race Car Cheesecake

Race Car Cheesecake.

What you’ll need:

1 – 40 oz. The Father’s Table New York Style Cheesecake, defrosted
2 cups of White Frosting
3 miniature trucks & 1 flag
1 tsp. of Orange & Blue food dye
1 bag of Twizzlers
1 bag of Chocolate Oreo Cookies
1 bag of PEZ Candy
1 bag of M&M


In a bowl, whip white frosting until smooth and add 1 tsp. of Orange and Blue food dye to achieve brown color. Spread frosting on the entire surface of cheesecake. Press Chocolate Oreos along sides of cake, the frosting will act as a bonding agent. Along the top ring of cheesecake, press on M&M’s in every other color until the circle is closed. Grab 2 Twizzlers and place within the center of the cake, curving the candy to be parallel from one another allowing for a 1 ½ inch of space between. Place PEZ candy along the sides of the Twizzlers to form “blockades.” With the remaining Oreo’s, remove the cookies and scrape off any remaining frosting and gently grind in a bowl under you’ve formed a cookie crumble. With a spoon, gently fill in the space between the Twizzlers to form the road. Finish off by topping the road with your miniature trucks and flag. Keep refrigerated.





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