Sunglasses Girl Cheesecake

Sunglass Girl Cheesecake.

Sunglass Girl Cheesecake

What you’ll need:

1 – 40 oz. The Father’s Table New York Style Cheesecake, defrosted 2 cups of White Frosting
1 bag of Twizzlers Pull ‘N Peel
1 bag of Haribo Wheels Candy
1 bag of Gummy Lifesavers Candy
1 bag of Fruit Sweet ‘N Sour Slices Candy
1 pair of kids sunglasses
1 bag of M&Ms

Directions: In a bowl, whip white frosting until smooth and spread topping on cheesecake. For the smile, place 7 gummy lifesavers next to one another, leaving no space, as seen pictured. Use several Twizzlers Pull ‘N Peel candies to form hair by curling the candy at the top of cake. Place 2 Haribo Wheels below the hair line to form eyes and top off with 2 M&Ms in desired color. Placed sunglasses on top of eyes for full effect. Lastly grab 1 Fruit Sweet ‘N Sour slice and place directly below eyes to form nose. Top off cheesecake with candles of your choice and party hat. Keep refrigerated.

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